Based on an understanding of learning object authoring tools, locate two learning object authoring tools– free or fee/subscription based. Post findings to your blog, as well as an explanation as to how these tools might be used. Make sure to investigate what others have posted.

The Monkey Game-  a flash card game that helps students to memorize vocabulary.  In this game you can view up to 15 flashcards per screen, view flashcards under different categories, remove memorized cards from screen and create a PDF page of cards for printing.  A demo may be found at  For more information and to download the tool go to I would use this tool in the online classroom to help students learn vocabulary.

Image Annotation –  This allows students to identify different parts of a picture.  For example, if a student was given a formula d = rt  You would upload the formula as an image and then have the students point to the different letters and type out what it means, i.e. d = distance, r = rate, t = time.  For more information and to download the tool go to .

Class Tools – This is a website dedication to free tools such as free games, quizzes, and other activities.  One activity students could use is called the Fakebook.  Students could use Fakebook to create a profile of a real mathematician as an extra credit or enrichment assignment.  For more information on this tool and others go to



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