I, Bridget J. would like to express my assessment of Mrs. Andrea Hall who worked with my daughter as a tutor in my home…. During this period of our interaction, Andrea also demonstrated exceptional character in her intelligence, mannerism, patience and respect for others that she interacted with. Andrea also showed great level of mindedness in the professional way she approached her tasks. It would be my greatest pleasure to recommend Mrs. Andrea Hall.- Bridget J. from Georgia (Parent)

Bridget J.

This year has been full tears, the stress of not knowing what to do. But then YOU stepped In, it got better, fifty x’s ten! So THANK you Mrs. Hall, for all that you do. You’ve BLESSED Me in so many ways, you see.. Its true. You make Math EASY and praising GOD fun, You’ve shown me, geometry can be WON. You’re so SWEET and REFRESHING, I want To carry you in my pocket, or in the frame, of my favorite locket. You showed me I can Achieve greatness, if only I try, that I can be myself, for soon, I will shine. I’m only fifteen But I know real life, my days have been tough, not a slow, smooth ride. My ninth grade Year has been like no other, and I know I can count on you, just like my mother… I’ll never forget the extra help, the extra words, the care I’ve felt. I appreciate you, more Then these simple words can say. The just happen to be, the only way.. To show and to Tell you, just how much I’ve grown. So thank you Mrs. Andrea Hall, because all in all, I know, you’ll never let me fall. <3- Holly Ann (Student)

Holly Ann