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My name is Andrea Hall and I hail from the most beautiful island in the Caribbean Sea.  Yes, I am sure you all guessed Trinidad—or maybe not.  However, it is arguably one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean.  From birth I have been an international traveler with my first flight being to Jamaica.  I have lived in Trinidad, Barbados, New York, Bahamas to finally arrive in Georgia where I have resided since 1996.  Traveling is truly in my blood.  I am speaker, teacher, blogger and busy, working homeschool mom of three who has been home educating my children for the past 11 years (from birth :-)).

I blog at where my mission is to revive your faith, renew your body, refresh your spirit and restore your soul. My husband would describe my main hobby as sleeping but when I’m awake I love to sing, read, draw, and hangout on Facebook.

I have been officially in the field of education since 2004 when I graduated from Oakwood University summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Math Education.  Education is a lifelong passion for me so I have continued to pursue advance degrees.  I received my Master of Science in Education with a specialization Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment from Walden University.  With over 8 years of teaching experience and over 10 years of tutoring experience I come to you full of rich knowledge to help students achieve success.

In 2006 I was humbled to receive Teacher of the Month for the month of December and Teacher of the Year from Rockdale County High School.  While working at Osborne High School in Cobb County I discovered the virtual world and received intensive training and experience in online teaching.

I have a passion for helping others which is the reason I became a teacher.

My teaching philosophy can be summed up in a few words,to teach students to be thinkers and not mere reflections of other men’s thoughts. As one of my co-workers puts it,  I desire to create a love for mathematics, one equation at a time.

Click here to view my experience in the field of education!  I look forward to working with you and welcome to success!

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