The Study Hall Logo 2014

I would call the consummate digital learning community (DLC) “The Study Hall Academy” mainly because a digital learning community is like the ultimate study hall .  In this DLC students would be able to access all the necessary coursework required to get a high school diploma for free as well as preparation to take Advanced Placement exams.  It would be complete with videos and tasks that give feedback and operated by a team of volunteers.

This DLC would be free to all students and what would set it apart is the fact that it would issue out transcripts that would be comparable to a traditional school.  The only fees associated would be exam fees or processing diplomas and transcripts.

Potential citizens would need to verify that they are in fact a person by giving a mailing address and one source of government ID.  They must also agree to terms and conditions as well as live by the honor code similar to what is found on this website

This is what I would call the ultimate digital learning community.  It differs from a free online school in that parents have the freedom to choose the courses they want their child to take with no mandatory exams.

Just another math educator rambling about the ideal DLC


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