i love bloggingI always enjoy creating a new blog or website.  I have sometimes referred to myself as a website junkie.  I have an idea, then I want to show it to the world… in a blog.  I have a blog for almost everything.  I have a blog for the children’s church that I am a director of entitled http://abckidschurch.blogspot.com.  I have a blog for the homeschool group that I lead www.southcobbhomeschoolers.org.  Then I have other blogs that I have started and let fall by the wayside.  So again… I am a junkie.  But if this is my only addiction, then I am good.

So imagine my delight when TOOL said that I get to create a blog!!!! Can we say HAPPY!!

I am excited about becoming a member of the TOOL digital learning community.

Let the blogging begin!!!!



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