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Grocery Store Mathematics

Grocery Store Math (2)Students always want to know “when will we ever use this!” Grocery store mathematics is a fresh way to teach mathematics in the real world, also known as consumer math or home economics. This is a complete semester in which students will learn how to use mathematics to stay under budget while shopping. In this class students will get to go shopping to practice their real world skills.

Becoming a Master Student

Become a Master Student

This class is for students whether homeschool, public school, or private school who want to develop techniques to be successful in school and for life.

Disable the fear and discover tools and skills for success. Student will learn the power of self-responsibility to become a master student.



True View Middle School Math

True View Middle School MathThis course is ideal for families who believe that the purpose of true education is character building and who are seeking practical mathematics. Students enrolled in this course will receive practical, bible-based mathematics instruction with a certified math teacher.

Throughout this course students will learn how to manage family finances and complete a family building project.Students will learn in a hands on, interactive online forum. As students master the skills we will move onto the next skills.