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Are you tired of reading math in a foreign language?

Does your brain “not do math”?

Are you tired of not understanding the formula?

Are you tired of teachers who make it way more complicated than it needs to be?

Are you tired of the new math?

Are you tired of EVERYTHING about math?

Do you think Math should be taught in every day life terms?

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 My name is Andrea Hall and as a math educator, I have seen first hand the frustration that comes when math is not taught in a practical way.  I have often been asked, how do I use this in the real world and when I answer the response has been, “I never heard it like that!”

I want to bring these AHA moments to your child. 

I am currently building a community and creating products to help parents and teachers make math practical to everyday life and especially to the Word of God.  

When you join as a member you get access to math problem packets related to the real world and/or the Bible released every week (answer keys are included).  Members also get 10% discount on online private tutoring or small group classes offered by The Study Hall Education Consulting Company. Join the IRL Math Community

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Problem of the Week

Learn how we can use math to solve everyday problems as we tackle current events in our weekly problem of the week complete with a video review of the answer later on.

Exclusive Math Content

Help your child harness their problem solving skills with our math packets complete with real world applications and projects.

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Members of our community get to ask questions and get help on their math related issues, discounts on private online tutoring lessons and classes as well as free monthly LIVE support. Tell Me More

Exclusive Math Content

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