Middle School Math – 7 Weeks

Learn how to solve one step linear equations or inequalities with the support of live lessons based on the principles of true education from a certified math teacher.

Course Information

Middle School Math is a practical, Bible-based live math course which starts on May 5, 2020 and ends on June 16, 2020 on Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time for 40 minutes.

Course costs $35 

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This course is ideal for students whether homeschooled, private or public school who want to learn how to solve one step equations and participate in real-word projects based on the principles of true education.

Students enrolled in this course will receive practical, bible-based mathematics instruction with a certified math teacher.

*Students who cannot meet live will receive a recording.

During the week, students will be given an assignment to sharpen their skills. During the class opportunities will be given to review previous work and questions before moving on. As students master the skills we will move onto the next skills.

Week 1: Simplifying Expressions by Combining Like Terms
Week 2: Solving One-Step Equations Using Addition and Subtraction
Week 3: Solving One-Step Equations Using Multiplication and Division
Week 4: Solving One-Step Equations with Rational Numbers
Week 5: Solving One-Step Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction
Week 6: Solving One-Step Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division
Week 7: IRL Math – Math In Real Life Research Project 

If you’d like to learn more please email Andrea Hall at thestudyhalledu@gmail.com.

Math Memory System

Math Memory System


Does your child have problems remembering math facts?   Here is a simple system derived from the Scripture Memory System to help improve your child’s memory one day at a time.

First you would need to gather your materials.

Math Memory System Materials

Setting Up Dividers

Next, you would set up your dividers.  Labeling them Daily, Even, Odd, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  You would then label the remaining cards from 1 – 31.

Creating Your Index Cards

Third, you would create your index cards. Your index cards would have the math facts that you need your child to remember.  For example, the multiplication tables.

The most important thing to remember about the Math Memory System is that your child needs to create the index cards!  The process of actually writing down the facts will help your child as they are learning it so don’t write down the facts for them.  Help make sure it is correct but let THEM do it.

How it Works

Finally, after you have created your index cards, put the first set under the DAILY tab and review that until it is memorized.  After it is memorized, place a check and move it back to the EVEN or ODD tab (you choose one or the other).  Once one set of index cards is moved back and the DAILY divider is free, move a new fact into it’s slot.  I explain this further in the video found here https://youtu.be/KiSnWho_3wc .

Every day you will review index cards from the DAILY divider, EVEN/ODD divider, DAYS OF THE WEEK divider (SUN, MON, TUES, WED, THURS, FRI, SAT), and DATES OF THE MONTH divider (1, 2, 3, 4, … 31).   This is a total of 4 math facts reviewed each day.  So if today is Monday, September 17 you would read the index cards behind the DAILY divider, the ODD divider since 17 is an odd number, the MON divider since today is Monday and the 17 divider since today is the 17th.  When you first begin, you will not have index cards under all these dividers but you will build up to it.

Watch and Learn

Sometimes seeing it is better than reading it so watch this video to learn more: https://youtu.be/KiSnWho_3wc.

Download the Handout

Would you like to see an example of how this system works and get a printable version of this post?  Click here to subscribe and get your free download.

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AIM for Success

The Study Hall Education Consulting Company offers college and career readiness consulting for students starting in grade 8 and through high school who are looking for focus and clarity to achieve their future career goals and/or secure scholarships for a debt-free college education.  This is our AIM for Success program: Achieve, Inspire, Mentor.

About AIM for Success

AIM for Success stands for Achieve, Inspire, Mentor.  AIM for Success is designed to help students discover their identity and destiny while giving them the skills to achieve it.  Our program utilizes the ten components to be college and career ready and includes college visits, scholarship search assistance, as well as PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation services.

Program Highlights

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  • Personality Test Assessment
  • Discovering your God-given sweet spot
  • Scholarship Search Skills
  • Scholarship Essay Writing Assistance
  • PSAT/ACT Practice

Required Commitment

  • An hour daily
  • Respond to emails on a weekly basis
  • Parent and child spend 30 minutes together three times a week doing the assignment together.
  • Weekly Phone Conference


Our AIM for Success sessions are $50 per hour with a nonrefundable registration fee of $65. To register for the AIM for Success please go to our upcoming events on our Eventbrite page.