My name is Andrea Hall and I am a certified teacher and homeschool educator.  I have been teaching for over 17 years both in the traditional classroom as well as online.  I am certified to teach all levels of math  in the states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.  I have taught science, standardized test preparation, as well as study skills.

I started The Study Hall Education Consulting Company (The Study Hall Edu) in 2009 and I left the traditional classroom in 2010 to homeschool my three kids teaching all subjects from reading to science to math.

During that time I served as an editor with Ellechor Publishing Company, served as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for online schools as well as designed an ACT Test Preparation program. To this day I still teach online part time while homeschooling full time.

An interesting fact was that not only am I an analytical thinker but I am also an artist.  My work has been display in an exhibit (this was before children).

I love teaching Mathematics, Science, English, History, Art, Study Skills and Standardized Test Preparation.  I pretty much love teaching and I love learning.

My biggest passion is to help kids thrive and become master students in school and in life. I desire is to create a love for learning one equation at a time.

My vision is to create critical thinkers with a love for learning, one equation at a time.

My mission is to offer educational resources to support teachers and parents in the education of their students.

What People Say

Review from student: I recommend this for people who love puzzles and are good at multiplication.

Cynthia M, Home Alone Math & Multiplication Escape Room

My daughter learned a lot of new strategies to study more efficiently.

Ariane H, Study Skills Course

Great resource to have. Gives the students guidance while reading in their small groups. Promotes active reading strategies.

Braving Education, Hidden Figures Reading Guide

Let’s build something together.

Click here to view my experience in the field of education!  I look forward to working with you and welcome to success!

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