Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition Unit Bundle

You’ve got the book, now how do you present the content to get your students thinking before they read the book as well as give them some historical context and vocabulary terms? How do you foster their critical thinking skills while they are reading? Finally, how do you assess what they have learned?

If these are your questions, then this Hidden Figures Young Readers’ Edition Bundle is you.

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In this bundle you get:

The Hidden Figures Young Readers Edition Reading Guide contains:

  • Reading comprehension questions for each chapter recalling basic facts
  • Additional questions asking students to dig deeper and analyze word phrases, adjectives, as well as situations encountered by the characters in the novel.

The Hidden Figures Vocabulary Word Search and Crossword Puzzle contains:

  • Four PDF’s separated into four sections by chapter.
  • 12 Vocabulary words per Section
  • One Cumulative Crossword Puzzle PDF with 20+ key vocabulary terms and definitions from the entire novel.
  • 68 Vocabulary Words Total
  • Answer Key Included

The Hidden Figures Young Readers Edition Google Forms Quiz Google Drive contains:

  • 18 Individual Google Form quizzes
  • Response feedback on incorrect questions directing learners to the proper page number while not giving the full answer to the student
  • 1 Comprehensive Review Answer Key which contains all the questions and answers in one Google Doc
  • 1 Comprehensive Google Form assessment with over 80 reading comprehension questions.
  • Hidden Figures Presentation with the book reading broken down into four manageable weeks; each week, there are 8 – 13 slides providing historical context and vocabulary terms for students to pay attention to; optional video clips to highlight historical events are included; a wrap-up question to get students connecting what they are learning to their own lives.

The best part about these quizzes? Most of them are self-grading (there are a few short-response questions to encourage critical thinking)! Simply assign the quizzes to your students and they are automatically graded for you! This provides instant feedback for students because they instantly see their grades. It also makes your life much, much easier because the grading is done for you!

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Get this comprehensive Hidden Figures Bundle and save!

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