There are so many ways to differentiate learning.

One concept that I enjoy teaching as a math teacher that I think lends itself to differentiation and personalization is factoring trinomials. Weird huh? But I love it.

The Process

There are two different ways that I can offer students for learning how to factor trinomials. First, I could give them the option of a video. Second, I could give them the option of direct instruction.

In the first method I would have students watch “Teach Me How to Factor” (Parody of Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District) Westerville South High School, Westerville, Ohio. Then I would give my students a Graphic Organizer and ask them to watch the video again and see if they could fill in the steps for factoring trinomials based on the video.

In the second method, I would still start students off with the video as an introduction, but then I would provide direct instruction on how to factor different types of trinomials. They would receive a Graphic Organizer as well.

The Product

To show their knowledge of factoring trinomials I would give students two options.

In the first option students could create their own video explaining to other students how to factor trinomials. It could be in the form of a song, a rap, or a simple lesson.

The second option would be to create a math board game for factoring trinomials. This would allow students to not only use their creative side, but provide reinforcement of their learning as well.

In both options I would give students a sheet of trinomials to pull ideas and examples from.


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