Five Test-Taking Tips for Standardized Testing

Basic Math

According to Kaplan, there are five keys to success when taking a standardized test.

Key 1 – Triage the Test

When you triage the test your goal is to move through the test at least three times.  The first time is to answer easy questions with quick answers.  If the question is taking more than 30 seconds it does not have a quick answer.  Make a note of it in your booklet (or scratch paper if you are not allowed to write in the booklet) and com back to it later.  The second time is to answer the questions that you know how to do, but are time consuming.  The third and last time is to work through the hard questions.

Key 2 – Elimination

If you know some of the answer choices are incorrect, eliminate them and look at the ones that are left.  Make an educated guess if you are still unsure.

Key 3 – Use a Letter of the Day

There will be some questions that you have NO CLUE how to do.  This is when your letter of the day comes in handy.  Before you begin the test, choose your letter (1st choice, 2nd choice, 3rd choice, etc.).  When you get to a question that you know you don’t know how to do, choose your letter of the day and move on. Don’t waste your time on it.

Key 4 – Learn the Material Tested

There is no substitution for studying.  Most standardized tests, even state tests give you an overview of the material to be covered.  Learn it :-).  Get a tutor to help you!

Key 5 – Practice, Practice, Practice

The more you practice test questions the more comfortable you will become at testing and the better you will be.
To help you be ready we have created a test survival kit.  Click here to get yours today.  What do you do to help you prepare for a standardized test?



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