Basic Math

Developing an individualized plan and/or being able to understand an individualized plan is another important aspect of helping our special needs students.  Consider these two plans Plan-A and Plan-B.  Which plan is better for the online environment?

I would choose Plan-B because it is laid out very well as addresses all the needs of the fictional student Sally Student. Plan B specified the extended time.  It mentioned making sure Sally knew how to use the text-to-speak and zoom features on her computer as well as gave Sally the opportunity to “record oral responses when possible/appropriate to reduce strain to her eyes”.

There are a few aspects of my preferred plan (Plan B) that I would change to be better suited for the online environment.  I would change the extended time for assignments from  “the following school day from the original due date for full credit” to “two days from the original due date for full credit”.

Plan A was too general.  For example, we know that “Sally’s anxiety disorder does surface when she feels she may not have enough time to complete a task and panic sets in” so extended time is a definite accommodation.  Plan B specifies how much extended time on a test or quiz by stating 100%.  Plan A mentions extended time but leaves it in the open.  Plan B specifies that “Sally may turn her work in the following school day from the original due date for full credit” whereas Plan A simply states “Extended time on assignments and classwork”.  Finally, Plan A mentions “preferential seating” which is not an accommodation necessary to the online environment.

These are just a few things to consider when creating an individualized plan for a student in the online environment.  Are there other things you would consider?


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