When teaching Algebra IB this school year I decided to do a heatmap to see how students were performing on the assignments.  Below is a sample of a heatmap that I did on my students in my course.

When I did this heatmap I decided to target the two lowest quizzes and the two lowest tests and created a remediation plan to not only give students an opportunity to bring up their grades but to also practice the concepts they struggled with.  Below is an example of the class action remediation plan that I came up with to help students

By doing this remediation plan many students were able to bring up their grades.

Another way that I can create a personalized learning path to help students struggling in other lessons besides the four that I identified for the class is to create customized and conditional news announcements that would only show to students who made certain scores on assessments that I identified.  This way if a student failed a quiz, they would automatically see a news announcement the next time they logged in offering extra help.

Using all this data can help me differentiate learning for my students in a more productive manner.  Instead of taking a stab in the dark, I know exactly what I need to be targeting.


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