One Web Tool that aligns to differentiation and student assessment is Glogster.

What is it? 

Glogster is a multimedia, interactive poster that allows students to demonstrate their learning in a differentiated way.  An example of a student product using Glogster can be found here:

What is the suggested student use?

Students can use Glogster as a project to highlight what they have learned on a given topic.  Students can be put into groups or work independently.  They should be given certain guidelines, however, they have the freedom to create a video,an audio, a picture, a slideshow to perform a certain task like an introduction of the topic and basic definitions; problems represented algebraically and graphically; a statement to show where the topic fits in the “big picture” of mathematics; an example of a real-world problem.

Instructional Practice

I would use this in instructional practice as a summative project for students.   Each student would be given a Tic-Tac-Toe sheet listing various things they would have to do in Glogster.  Students can select any three diagonally, horizontally or vertically and perform the tasks in Glogster.


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