The Study Hall Education Consulting Company offers college and career readiness consulting for students starting in grade 8 and through high school who are looking for focus and clarity to achieve their future career goals and/or secure scholarships for a debt-free college education.  This is our AIM for Success program: Achieve, Inspire, Mentor.

About AIM for Success

AIM for Success stands for Achieve, Inspire, Mentor.  AIM for Success is designed to help students discover their identity and destiny while giving them the skills to achieve it.  Our program utilizes the ten components to be college and career ready and includes college visits, scholarship search assistance, as well as PSAT/SAT/ACT test preparation services.

Program Highlights

  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment
  • Personality Test Assessment
  • Discovering your God-given sweet spot
  • Scholarship Search Skills
  • Scholarship Essay Writing Assistance
  • PSAT/ACT Practice

Required Commitment

  • An hour daily
  • Respond to emails on a weekly basis
  • Parent and child spend 30 minutes together three times a week doing the assignment together.
  • Weekly Phone Conference


Our AIM for Success sessions are $50 per hour with a nonrefundable registration fee of $65. To register for the AIM for Success please go to our upcoming events on our Eventbrite page.


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