applesflipped1Differentiated communication is essential for students since some students are visual while others are auditory learners.  By differentiating communication, teachers can be sure that they are reaching every learning style.

Communication can be differentiated in four different ways:

Two examples of differentiating presentation include Prezi and FlipSnack.  You can view my example of FlipSnack by clicking here:

Two examples of differentiating using images, audio and video tools include GoAnimate and Voki.  I created an example of differentiated communication using  Voki.  To view click here:

Instruction can also be differentiated.  By using programs such as Creately  or Piktochart teachers can create graphic organization charts to help students who need more assistance in understanding a topic.

Finally you can have your students collaborate in a variety of ways.  Some examples include Padlet and LiveBinders.  LiveBinders allows teachers and students to share information and add to it while Padlet is like an interactive bulletin board where students actually get to post to it.  Here is one way I used Padlet for EOC Review:

For more tips and tricks go to 


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