StakeholdersIn the virtual classroom, instructors must offer continuous updates to all stakeholders, such as parents, students, and school facilitators.

The descriptions of parents and students definitely correlated to my views of stakeholders.  I did not really think of school facilitators as stakeholders until reading this module.  It is true  school facilitators can offer additional levels of support for student achievement as well as help establishing a strong relationship with them will benefit all stakeholders.  While I send constant emails to parent, it is amazing how a good facilitator can reach the parent in a hands-on, concrete way.

I would expand the description of the local school administration to not only cover school facilitators but local school teachers as well.  In some schools students take their online learning course with a specific teacher during a certain period of the day.  Building a strong relationship with that teacher would also be helpful in increasing student success.

The Oregon Department of Education adds additional stakeholders such as school board members as well as  business and community leaders.  While these individuals would not be subject to the constant every day, every week stream of communication it is important to include them as stakeholders to promote the online school as an option and to garner more support.


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