My individual communication skills have changed with the innovations in technology.  I found that I send more texts than phone calls because it allows me to reach more people in a short amount of time.  I find myself reaching out to my friends of facebook first before I pick up the phone and call them.  Sherry Turkle hits the nail on the head when she talks about how technology has altered our communication.

The innovations in technology have also improved my email communication skills as you learn tips like DON’T USE ALL CAPS because it gives the connotation of shouting.

The advancements in technology have also altered classroom communication.  With programs such as, teachers can reach out to parents and students via mass text messaging.  Programs such as allow teachers to call multiple parents with the same message at one time.   There are are synchronous tools such as Adobe Connect, Google Hangouts, and Blackboard Collaborate to name a few that allow teachers to teach students in real time.  I believe these advancements will change further.  I believe that parent-teacher conferences might be conducted  via web conference if not already done in districts.  However, I also believe that regardless of the innovations, there is still more value in a good old fashion phone call.



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