open sourceAn open source application is a “free” application that is based on code.  The codes are shared and anyone who understands coding can take it an implement it within their platform.  An example of an open source application for synchronous sessions include BigBlueButton.  Open source application would take precedence over a commercial product for any organization that has no desire to continuously buy new licenses.  According to CIO Staff  most of Alexa’s Top 20 Global Web sites use open source applications.

The main problem with open source applications is that it does require knowledge of coding.  So while it is “free” you have to know how to use it and might have to hire an IT specialist to set it up which takes time.  Commercial software on the other hand is instantly available for use and relatively inexpensive to maintain on a month to month basis.  Commercial software for synchronous sessions offers features such as mobile apps which make it very flexible for students as well as teachers.

The choice it yours, open source or commercial….  Here is what Bart Simpson has to say.




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