Digital Safety

The most important step we can take in terms of ensuring our digital safety is to be aware and vigilant.  We must constantly be aware that we must make steps to ensure our digital safety.

It is a proven fact that people learn more from doing than just reading or discussing.  Some strategies we can take to help our students consistently keep digital safety in the forefront of their minds is to have our students do a project in which they create a slideshow or video listing steps that can be taken to ensure digital safety. lists some strategies such as:

  • Install Security Software
  • Don’t click on emails that say your security has been compromised.
  • Don’t share addresses, social security number, etc. online
  • Look for https:// before you enter personal information
  • Strong passwords with ten characters and mixed with letters and numbers.
  • Use different passwords for different accounts and write them down
  • Copy files to an external hard-drive

The link to my collection of social bookmark links tagged with terms related to digital safety is



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