served vs. unserved areasIf you watch t.v. or maybe even had the unfortunate situation to be subpoenaed to court you have heard these words “You’ve been served!”  However, the context of this post is positive.  To have broadband served in your community in a blessing.  Keep reading to see why.

Initially when I thought of barriers that might impede students’ opportunities to access digital learning, the first thing that came to mind was economics.  Maybe their family could not afford to get it.  However, as I did the broadband test and looked up communities in which broadband was not available I see that it is deeper than that.  According to the records there are 7.0 million unserved homes.  So even if students in these areas were able to get scholarships or help to get broadband, if it is not available then they can’t access it because service it not available.

To eliminate such barriers requires a two-fold effort.  The government must help invest to make broadband service available everywhere and secondly, schools should offer assistance for families unable to pay for service at their homes.

Just another math educator commenting on being served!


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